Chef's Choice, Part 2: Clara Moore of Local Harvest Cafe & Catering

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Chef's Choice, Part 2: Clara Moore of Local Harvest Cafe & Catering
Robin Wheeler

Proudest professional moment? When I got great south-city chefs and foodies together for the South City Iron Chef three times!

Favorite music to have in the kitchen? A good mix of classic rock, soul and hip-hop.

What's on your pizza? Veggies! Tomatoes, garlic, cauliflower, zucchini, spinach.

What's in your omelet? Just like Duff's California omelet: black beans, tomatoes, mozzarella, avocados, sour cream.

What are you drinking? Schlafly's Irish Extra Stout or a Maker's Mark manhattan.

What's the most surprising food you've eaten? Korean food. Thankfully I had a good guide.

What's the best request you've gotten from a customer? When they tell me they don't need a menu. I love hearing, "Make what you what. I trust you."

Most difficult lesson you've learned in this business? There is always work to do, always unfinished business. You have got to take a break.

When did you know for sure that the chef's life was for you? Apparently when I was in preschool. I drew a picture of myself in the career I wanted, and I drew me as a chef.

{To be continued...}

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