Chicago-Area Mr. Beef Burgled By Mostly Naked Guy

Mr. Beef, indeed.

A man broke into a drive-through window at a Chicago Mr. Beef restaurant after hours because he really needed some chicken tenders and fries. And he's never heard of restaurants and grocery stores that maintain hours compatible with the late-night snackers' schedule.

The unidentified man attempted to crawl through the drive-through window, but it was covered with metal bars. How to solve this problem? Strip!

The burglar shed his clothes, crawled through the window, and nuked some chicken tenders and fries before the cops arrived.

Of course, there's video of the crime.

Mr. Beef isn't known for its chicken tenders, but you probably knew that. The small chain specializes in Italian beef sandwiches. Michael Stern loves the stuff, but he probably wouldn't be caught dead (or naked) climbing through the drive-through window for chicken tenders.

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