Child Nutrition Bill Passes House of Reps, Headed to President

Dec 3, 2010 at 7:00 am
Despite being blocked by an unrelated amendment on Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed the Child Nutrition Bill yesterday. The AP gives the details of the final bill, and explains that the added amendment, pertaining to background checks for child care workers, was passed in a separate bill.

The same old laws and rules pertain to food companies. A Los Angeles County judge ruled that Dole Food Company violated the first amendment rights of a Swedish documentary maker. According to the Los Angeles Times Dole sued film maker Fredrik Gertten last year, claiming his film Bananas! was unfair to the fruit giant. The film examines a 2007 trial where plaintiffs from Nicaragua sued Dole for causing sterility through their use of pesticides on banana plantations. Dole eventually dropped its case, but Gertten counter-sued, based on Dole's lawsuit being frivolous a threat to his free speech rights. "'Corporations such as Dole must respect freedom of speech and the freedom of the press,' he said in a statement released this week. 'These conglomerates have unlimited resources available to them to get their messages out, while independent filmmakers who are under attack while trying to uncover the truth, have very limited means to defend ourselves.'"

Worldwide recession brings "gourmet grunge" to Europe. Fox News says that the GaultMillau, which is similar to Michelin's dining guide, has included a lowly falafel joint in its guide. It's a sign of the growing "Bistronomy" movement in Europe, as people with good taste look for cheaper eats.

Happy Hanukkah! Nachos NY suggests you celebrate with some latkchos.