Chris Kelling of Pi Pizzeria in the Central West End: Featured Bartender of the Week

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Who would you most like to have a drink with? Tina Fey, but my girlfriend might get upset, so I'll go with Bill Clinton. Maybe it could be in a group setting with my girlfriend, Bill Clinton and Tina Fey and for whatever reason my girlfriend and Bill Clinton both had to leave early....

Where are you most likely to be found when you're not in this bar? I just moved here in November and we don't really go out too much. If I'm not working, I'm usually at home, at the gym or at Whole Foods.

Best hangover cure? The whirlpool at my gym, along with a steady supply of Gatorade.

Worst pickup line you've ever heard? I hate when women ask, "What kind of car do you drive?" Even if it's not directed at me, I usually chime in and answer, "I drive a kidnapper van with no windows," and then give them a creepy look.

Most unusual liquor you've ever seen? A friend brought home some liquor from Asia that is a neutral spirit like vodka or Everclear, but they put a snake skeleton in it. I lived to tell about it, but I wouldn't try it again.

If you could start a band, what kind of band would you start? Either an '80s cover band where we lip-synch or a boy band. I love to dance but can't really carry a tune.

Best/worst drinking holiday? Worst is St. Patty's, Halloween, New Year's Eve, etc. Lots of amateur drinkers come out and try to relive their college days. Best drinking holiday? Super Bowl Sunday. I'm always off and I make sure there is a designated driver in the house.

Biggest tab you've ever seen? I worked at a pretty high-end place in San Francisco where four-figure tabs were not uncommon. I have yet to see a five-figure bar tab, though. I want to party with those people -- wherever they are.

Drunk food of choice? I have a sweet tooth like you wouldn't believe. If I've had my fair share of booze and there are cookies in the house, they won't be around very long. Matt Seiter, the bar manager at Sanctuaria, has told me about something called a slinger at Courtesy Diner that he swears is the best drunk food ever. I really want to try it, but getting drunk to enjoy greasy food really isn't something that's on my calendar.

Pi Pizzeria 400 North Euclid Avenue 314-367-4300

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