Chubbies, Delmar Loop Burger Joint, Has Been Mysteriously Closed for Over a Week

Jul 8, 2014 at 11:30 am
The "Double Cheddar Chubbie." | Jennifer Silverberg
The "Double Cheddar Chubbie." | Jennifer Silverberg

Chubbies (6227 Delmar Boulevard; 314-725-5000), the burger, hot dog and frozen custard place in the Delmar Loop, just opened in February 2013 and seemed to fill an obvious need for American fast-casual fare in the Delmar Loop. But for well over a week now, the restaurant has been mysteriously closed. The windows are dark, and no one answers the phone.

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There's no sign on the door about a vacation, no message on the website and the phone rings continuously without the option to leave a voicemail. Owner Walid Othman has not responded to e-mails from Gut Check, either. Employees at a neighboring business are also clueless, saying their customers are asking as well.

Kristin Sylvester, the Loop Business Association's director of marketing, has been unable to contact Othman or get any information. She tells Gut Check she spoke to the owner of the building that houses Chubbies, and he couldn't tell her anything.

A spokeswoman at the City of St. Louis confirms that Chubbies has a valid occupancy permit, but found the restaurant dark when an employee went to check on things.

Chubbies doesn't have a social-media presence, so that was a dead end as well. We really hope it isn't closed for good -- there's a reason we named it Best Place to Get Fatter last year.

Know anything? Shoot us an e-mail. We'll update as we learn more.

Chubbies, we hardly knew ye. | Nancy Stiles
Chubbies, we hardly knew ye. | Nancy Stiles

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