Cooking With Aunt Claudette: St. Louis' Very Own YouTube Kitchen Sensation

While everyone's been going ape shit over My Drunk Kitchen and Vegan Black Metal Chef, there's a local video cooking star waiting to be discovered.

It took a post about deep-fried Kool-Aid to bring Claudette to Gut Check's attention. She had a strong reaction to the new fair treat:

@poppymom @gutcheckstl That's the whole point of going to a risk your lives! I mean, look at those rickety-ass rides they have!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

You know this is someone we have to get to know better.

It turns out Aunt Claudette vlogs from her North County home for the White Trash Network, and her work includes some cooking instruction:

When asked if she plans to do more cooking videos, Aunt Claudette said: "It's just a pain dragging my computer in there. I'm already thinking of a good meal to make."

She's also been busy with hard news coverage, including a bread theft "reenactment" at the St. John Walmart after the Good Friday tornado.

And making music videos, including this one for Lmfao's "Shot Shot Shot".

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