Cool Off With Free Sweet Tea at McAlister's

Gut Check's getting tired of people reminding us that it's hot outside. Even if we could ignore our sweat-soaked clothes or disinterest in doing much beyond drinking cold cocktails in an air-conditioned room, the headlines are everywhere -- as are the videos of people frying shit on the sidewalk (admittedly, we almost did it, too -- and still might).

Finally, someone offering some free, sweet relief. Today McAlister's is offering free 32 ounce sweet teas to help beat the heat and raise money for local charities as part of its "Tea Town USA" promotion.

Here's how it works: folks could vote for their town once each day by visiting McAlister's Facebook page or by checking in at a McAlister's via the Facebook phone app. But, as their promotional video states, it all comes to a head on free tea day, which is of course, today.

The town deemed Tea Town USA wins cash prizes for a local nonprofit. Additionally, everyone in a potential tea town can swing by McAlister's for a free sweet tea to make the extreme heat tolerable. There's still time to claim your free tea! The Clayton location closes at 7 p.m., Creve Couer stays open until 8 p.m. and Des Peres, South County and Ballwin stay open until 9 p.m.

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