Corle 2 Da's Guide to St. Louis Restaurants

For several days now, Gut Check International Headquarters has been grooving to the beat of "So St. Louis" by Corle 2 Da. A (NSFW!) lyrical celebration of everything St. Louis -- including Riverfront Times! -- it's pretty much the best thing ever this week.

What makes the video especially awesome are the multiple shout-outs (literal or implied) to St. Louis restaurants. Which restaurants did Corle 2 Da choose and do they fit his own criterion of being "So St. Louis"? Gut Check investigates...

Bici Cafe

I have to admit: I laughed out loud when I saw Corle and his female companion standing at the entrance to Bici Cafe. No offense to the restaurant, but if you asked me to choose a restaurant that would be the most randomly inappropriate venue for a hip-hop video, Bici Cafe -- a two-year-old casual eatery in residential University City -- might be it.

So St. Louis? Only if Corle is looking to score some moderately well-shod MILFs.

Blueberry Hill

Clearly, University City and, specifically, the Delmar Loop are very important to Corle. He wants a star on the walk of fame -- near Howard Nemerov, I hope --  and of course he wants to get his thrill at Blueberry Hill. All that's missing is a cameo appearance by Joe Edwards pimping his trolley.

So St. Louis? More like, So St. Louis©.

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