Corner Bistro Serving From-Scratch Pizza in Princeton Heights

Oct 17, 2013 at 11:00 am
4993 Loughborough Avenue, now Corner Bistro. | Google Maps
4993 Loughborough Avenue, now Corner Bistro. | Google Maps

A few months ago a tipster noticed a banner inside the building at Macklind and Loughbourough avenues that used to house the Billy Goat Chip Company. "Corner Bistro," it mysteriously announced, with a phone number that was never answered.

All shrouds have been lifted, however, as A Corner Bistro (4993 Loughborough Avenue; 314-3531811) opened on September 10.

"I have a little bit of everything. But no Bosnian. Nothing Bosnian," says co-owner Sehima Husic, who was born in Bosnia. "We [already] have a lot of Bosnian restaurants here, and the younger generation, even Bosnians, prefer this kind of food."

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Husic's menu is pizza-focused, in addition to calzones, panini, lasagne, wings and even a house bistro burger.

"I'm going to accent the pizza because we make the dough from scratch; it's brick-oven. I use all fresh ingredients, never frozen patties," she says.

Husic worked at the Olive Garden in the Chesterfield Valley, which inspired her to open a restaurant of her own.

"I really enjoy interacting with people. I know what people like when they go to a restaurant," Husic says. "I know what I like -- I like to be treated nicely, so that's what I do."

Her chef is her friend Momirka Subara, another Bosnian immigrant whom she met four years ago. Subara actually had two pizza restaurants back in Bosnia, so Husic thought it would be a great partnership.

"Me in the front talking to people and her in the kitchen making great food -- it's a perfect match," Husic says.

She's also planning on a menu expansion soon, possibly adding items like Greek salad or an all-day breakfast. Corner Bistro is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

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