Cursed Tweet From Panera Implies They Might Make a Bagel You Can Drink

Aug 19, 2021 at 1:40 pm
If Panera makes it, we'll try it. - Mike Mozart / Flickr
If Panera makes it, we'll try it.

Whoever is running the social media at Panera has completely freaked out fans of the carbohydrate-celebrating company.

Followers are never sure which tweets from Panera (née St. Louis Bread Company) are real and which ones are jokes these days.

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For example, just last month they released a summer merchandise selection that included a pool float that was designed to look like a bread bowl. Tons of people thought that it was fake, but it wasn’t. (And it sold out.)

And Panera was a hot topic last year when their bread-sliced bagel became our national shame and debates raged online about if doing this unholy act to a bagel should even be legal.

So now nobody knows what to think when Panera publishes tweets like this:

Like, do they mean it? It’s hard to say. Judging by their funny replies, we’re guessing not, but you really never can tell with that cheeky company.

But, you know what? If they do decide to make a liquid bagel, we’ll be the first to show up with a straw to slurp it. Here in St. Louis, we’re reppin’ Bread Co. for life.

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