Dad Gets Receipt For His "F**kin Needy Kids" At Friendly's[PHOTO]

Jun 18, 2013 at 9:00 am
Dad Gets Receipt For His "F**kin Needy Kids" At Friendly's[PHOTO]
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One local dad got a pretty unpleasant Father's Day surprise when he paid his bill at Friendly's Restaurant & Pub (3503 Roger Place; 314-771-2040) on Sunday afternoon.

Joe Gibson told the Post-Dispatch that he spent the day with his four-year-old son at the Missouri Botanical Garden before grabbing a late lunch at Friendly's.

Everything was fine until the bill arrived, bearing a message about Gibson's kid in very unfriendly, adult terms.

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Here's the image Gibson posted on the P-D's Facebook page on Sunday night, along with a comment, below:

Dad Gets Receipt For His "F**kin Needy Kids" At Friendly's[PHOTO]
Joe Gibson, Facebook

i dont know how good this will do. my child and i sat in for a late lunch early dinner. the receipt explains for what. i called the manager or someone in charged i explained how offended i was and what actions were going to be taken. i got if your that highly offended then dont come i asked the server why this was needed i got oh im sorry it was just a joke between a coworker and i. im sorry. so customers with children are a joke? this place isnt so friendly. i got nowhere with management. maybe you can help.

P-D columnist Joe Holleman got to the bottom of it. Seems Gibson called the restaurant ahead to see if it was OK to bring his son along, and the bar owner, Denny Domachowski, decided to make an exception to his no-kids-allowed policy. When Gibson ordered a single chicken leg for his son to nibble on, also against restaurant protocol, Domachowski again gave the go-ahead. He says Gibson and his son were not disruptive at all.

Apparently Gibson's server didn't agree that these were minor inconveniences and entered "fuckin needy kids" in with the food order in a spot meant for special instructions for the kitchen staff. Domachowski says anything written there is supposed to be erased before the receipt goes to the customer.

"I can understand why the gentleman was upset," Domachowski told Holleman. "I apologize."

Then again, "fuckin needy kids" might just be a kind of wing sauce we're unfamiliar with. Something whine-based, perhaps?

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