Desperately Seeking Cheesesteaks

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Wit' whiz
Wit' whiz

Wit' whiz

Commenter Aaron Proctor has a question:

What's the best Philly cheesesteak in town? Being born in Philly, I found the best steaks in the West were at a place aptly named South Street in Burbank, CA.

Who is the STL champion of cheesesteaks? I'm talking a place that may have other Philly goodies like Herr's Potato Chips & Tastykakes. A place where I can order 'wit' out onions' and 'wit' wiz' and they'll know what I'm sayin'.

Aaron, I'm drawing a blank. I haven't had a good, true cheesesteak in years. (I haven't been to Philly since high school, when on a school trip my teenager's metabolism was thrilled to find Larry's, "Home of the Belly Filler," near St. Joe's University.)

I haven't thought about Herr's chips in, like, forever. And while we're in this general area: Any other Yuengling fans out there?

At any rate, I'm on the case. Anyone have suggestions? Cheesesteaks involving Provel need not apply.

-Ian Froeb

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