Don't Stalk George Clooney. EAT HIM.

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OK. We here at Gut Check International Headquarters are as guilty as anyone of obsessing over George Clooney's presence in our fair city. However, today brings news that makes even us blanch. PETA wants to sell tofu that tastes like the actor.

Yeah. You read that right.

From the always reputable E! (via Eater) comes news that the animal-rights organization has somehow acquired a towel soaked with Clooney's sweat and wants to use said sweat to flavor tofu.
"The technology actually exists to take your perspiration and make it into George Clooney-flavored tofu (CloFu)," writes PETA. "Of course, your fans would swoon at the idea of eating CloFu."

The group even quotes a researcher, who says, "If you use a sample of human perspiration, it is 'no different than making artificial chicken flavor for instant gravy.' "
Once again, I regret that the RFT has retired Keep It Down.

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