Eat Joe Buck's Meat, Support Joe Buck's Restaurant

Dec 14, 2010 at 2:22 pm
I nearly drove Gut Check Mobile Command off the road this afternoon after I spotted a sign outside Joe Buck's downtown that makes it look as if the restaurant is now called Joe Buck's BBQ.

Another name change for the restaurant formerly known as J. Buck's? Has the superstar sportscaster grown so tired of working with Tim McCarver that he has opted for a career of stoking the smoker? Does stoking the smoker sound like a euphemism for a sex act of which Pat Boone does not approve?

The answers: No, no and probably.

A phone call to the restaurant at the corner of 10th and Clark Street reveals that it is still called Joe Buck's (which name it adopted earlier this year). The barbecue is among the most popular items there, hence its prominence on the menu and, now, on the side of the building.