Eight Awful Uses for Terrible Flavored Vodkas

Hey vodka makers? You're out of control. It was cute and interesting many, many years ago when the likes of Absolut, Stoli and Smirnoff got the bright idea to make flavored vodkas. Vodka with pepper flavor for bloody Marys? Great! Citrusy vodkas with tonic? Perfection.

But come on. With the announcement that Pearl Vodka is introducing wedding cake-flavored vodka next month, it's time to say enough.

Or make some really horrible cocktails that will taste just as bad going down as they do coming up.

The Bridesmaid

The Bridesmaid starts out happy ... - beyondhollywood.com
The Bridesmaid starts out happy ...

Inspired by this summer's hit movie, mix equal parts Pearl Wedding Cake Flavored Vodka and Brazilian cachaça with lime juice and sugar. Four of these babies, and you, too, will be shitting yourself in the street like a bride with Brazilian food poisoning.

The Bubble Up

Vodka bubble tea? It could happen. - Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
Vodka bubble tea? It could happen.

Mix two shots of UV Sweet Green Tea Vodka with a heaping spoon of instant tapioca pudding for a bubble tea that will leave you gurgling.

Thanksgiving Ritual

Orange jello shots + cranberry vodka = inlaw tolerance. - yumsugar.com
Orange jello shots + cranberry vodka = inlaw tolerance.

Few flavors announce the arrival of the winter holidays quite like the pairing of orange and cranberry. And few occasions herald the need to drink quite like Thanksgiving with the extended family. Use Smirnoff's cranberry-flavored vodka to make orange Jello shots, just like Grandma's.

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

It's peanut butter vodka time! - slacktory.com
It's peanut butter vodka time!

What to do when it's peanut butter jelly time and you need a little nip of something for your nerves because that damn song's been stuck in your head all day? Spoonful of smooth Jif chased with a double shot of Burnett's Grape. You'll feel like you've been hit in the gullet with a baseball bat.

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