Entre's John Perkins Discusses Pop-Up Chicken Restaurant Le Coq and Future Plans

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"I think chicken tends to get short-shrift," says John Perkins, the formerly anonymous chef behind the caterer-mobile kitchen-underground restaurant Entre. "This is a chance to rehabilitae its image -- or at least for us to try to do that."

The "this" of which Perkins speaks is Le Coq, the chicken-centric pop-up restaurant that Entre will operate during the month of January in its new event space at 360 North Boyle Avenue in the Central West End.

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Beginning on Thursday, January 3, Le Coq will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6-10 p.m. Diners have three prix-fixe options: three courses for $35, five courses for $55 or a family-style meal of a whole roasted chicken served in a cast-iron skillet with fingerling potatoes, two sides and dessert for $160. (The last option feeds four and must be pre-ordered.)

You can make reservations -- and Perkins soon hopes to have reservations available online -- but he also plans to keep the seating split between reservations and walk-ins. In addition, he's considering a less expensive to-go option for the whole roasted chicken meal.

The menu, which you can view on Entre's website, features dishes with chicken as the main component (chicken roulade with grits, egg-yolk sauce and apples) as well as a supporting player (chicken-skin-wrapped scallops or Brussels sprouts with smoked chicken stock, Korean chile flakes, white beans and apple butter).

"This is an idea I had three years ago," Perkins explains. "I was really compelled by the notion of serving a whole-roasted chicken on a cast-iron skillet. You don't really see that or hear about that [much].

"There are very tew things better than a whole roasted chicken."

(Riverfront Times is well aware of Perkins' love for chicken. In 2010, he assisted us -- by which we mean saved our butts from ruining multiple birds -- with our Association of Food Journalists award-winning project "Tastes Like Chicken".)

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