Entre:Underground Goes Whole Hog -- And You Should Too!

Sep 24, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Hey buddy! Innerested in some of the good stuff? I know a guy, he can hook you up with some serious pork, nahmsayin?

That's right, it's time for the second-ever Pork n' Roll, presented by Entre:Underground, purveyor of secretive St. Louis dinner parties. This year's event, scheduled for tomorrow (that'd be Saturday, September 25), promises a five-band lineup, a whole pig porchetta -- a horrifying Google image search -- and either a slider or taco station. All of the pork will be locally and ethically raised, courtesy of Hinkebein Hills Farm.

The bands confirmed are a fine slice of St. Louis' finest: Bob Reuter and Alley Ghost, Beth Bombara and the Robotic Foundation, Paper Dolls, Modern Painters and I Am a Nation.

The cost for the evening: $25. Bring along a few extra bones, though; there'll be a bar with beer and soda, with proceeds benefiting Healthy Eating with Local Produce, a food-processing and training center run out of a Saint Louis University kitchen.

Last year's Pork n' Roll was a bit more formal, featuring a five-course seated dinner followed by bands. This year's event promises to be a raucous shindig, with music and food served up simultaneously in a family-friendly atmosphere.

The location: 2615 Cherokee Street.

Sign up at the official Pork n' Roll website.

Oh, what's porchetta, you ask? It's the better part of a whole hog, boned out, stuffed with good, uh, stuff, rolled up and roasted in its own skin. Dee-licious! (Though Googling "whole pig porchetta" is, well, kinda visceral.)