European Union Proposes Ban of Cloned Foods and Livestock Cloning

Oct 20, 2010 at 7:00 am

The European Union hopes to ban the sale of cloned foods and the cloning of livestock in 27 countries. Bloomberg reports that the plan would last five years and give the industry an opportunity to improve the health and care of cloned animals and their surrogate mothers.

Who wants a Venti Zinfandel? USA Today has the story about Starbucks venturing into wine and beer sales. A busy Starbucks in Seattle is the prototype, serving regional wines, beers, and cheeses. Starbucks stores receive 70% of their business before 2 p.m. The company hopes the alcohol sales will boost nighttime revenue.

If Starbucks wants to serve truly organic local beer, they're going to have to wait. According to the Yakima Herald-Republic federal regulations allows brewer to label their beers as organic, even if they're not using organic hops. A group of organic hops-growers are petitioning the USDA to change the policy.

Who says fast food can't be green? Hearst Magazines features a slide show of fast food buildings that are LEED-certified. There's eight of them.