Even More Restaurants in Old Fast-Food Buildings

Sep 22, 2009 at 10:15 am

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​ Friday's post of five good restaurants in old fast-food buildings elicited several additional suggestions from commenters. I can't believe I didn't think of Nachomama's (9643 Manchester Road), pictured above, which Andrew noted used to be a Popeye's. In my defense, I've eaten at Nachomama's so many times that I have difficulty picturing it as anything else.

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Kristen offered Taste of India (3279 Hampton Avenue), pictured above, which she thinks used to be a Pizza Hut, while regular Gut Check contributor Robin Wheeler detailed a two-fer:

Geo's Wings and More in Belleville inhabits a former Burger King. The counter's a full bar and they still use the drive-thru window. It's next door to a new Mexican joint in a former Wendy's.
But the gold medal goes to my Post-Dispatch counterpart, Joe Bonwich, who knows the area about 1000 times better than I ever will.

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Lots on Olive: Kim Son started its life, I believe, as Hatfield's and McCoy's; the Chong Wah west of there was an A&W or similar carhop restaurant; and I think Asiana was a chain restaurant at one time. El Paisano, further west, past 170, was one of those cheap-steak joints; free associating, El Indio on Manchester Road [pictured above - Ian] was a Pizza Hut, as was, I believe, the original location of El Maguey west of 141. And Thyme Table in Florissant was something else, maybe a Denny's.
Keep 'em coming!