Factory Farmers and Animal Groups Strike Deal to Expand Chicken Cages

Aug 13, 2010 at 7:00 am
The New York Times reports that factory farms are starting to provide more space for confined animals in light of consumer preferences and changes in farming laws. They look at West Mansfield, Ohio, where farmers and animal rights activists have struck a deal that will stop construction on tightly confined egg farms.

Poultry leads the way in food poisoning cases. According to the Associated Press, the Centers for Disease Control claim that chicken, turkey and other birds led to 17 percent of reported food poisoning. Beef and leafy greens followed at 16 percent.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports a collaboration between Walgreens and medical centers that will help diabetics get low-cost, healthy food. The Greenlight Select program involves 10 Walgreens stores that have been altered to accommodate underserved neighborhoods by selling fresh food. Participating clinics will write prescriptions for discounts at participating Walgreens on nutritionally sound foods for patients.

It's not just Gulf of Mexico seafood that's struggling this summer. The Providence Journal reports that New England lobsters are falling ill with epizootic shell disease that rots their shells. The condition first expanded in 1997, but has now taken a toll that's led to the lobster industry decreasing by half.