Falafelwich Wagon Prepares to Hit the St. Louis Streets

May 12, 2011 at 1:00 pm
Look for this logo on a falafel wagon near you. - Inside Hospitality
Inside Hospitality
Look for this logo on a falafel wagon near you.

The St. Louis food truck fleet is set to expand in June when the Falafelwich Wagon hits the streets.

Falafelwich is the first local food truck for St. Louis-based Inside Hospitality. The restaurant public relations and branding company has worked with restaurants around the world.

Gut Check spoke with Inside Hospitality's owner/president Gary Tripp about the beginning of the Falafelwich Wagon's journey.

Gut Check What prompted you to get into the food truck business?

Gary Tripp The food culture in Saint Louis is incredibly diverse and very receptive of new flavors, pairings and ideas. Being St. Louis city residents, we really see a need for something different, [that's] delicious and has a great value.

Is this Inside Hospitality's first food truck venture?

It is the first food truck concept that will be operated by us. We have worked on a great number of food truck consulting projects over the last several years throughout the country. We operate several concession operations and restaurant concepts in Chicago -- but are Cardinal fans. Really. What St. Louis restaurants has Inside Hospitality worked with?

Being based in St. Louis, we have had the pleasure to work closely with some of the most exciting operations in the city and county. Clients include Mosaic, BARcelona, Pi, Companion Bakery, Drunken Fish and scores of others.

What, exactly, is a falafelwich?

Basically a falafel is a mixture of ground chickpeas and fava beans, fresh spices and herbs, hand-rolled into little balls about the size of half dollars and flash fried. The concept of Falafelwich will put a new exciting twist on the traditional falafel sandwich.

What will be on the menu?

The Falafelwich Wagon will feature four or five sandwiches daily crafted on artisan naan flatbread along with several side items. Each Falafelwich is hand-crafted daily with the fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.

Who's cooking?

The culinary mastermind behind the Falafelwich menu is Chef Colin Shive of Saint Louis. [Shive is Assistant Banquet Chef at St. Louis Club.]

Where can we find the truck? When?

The Falafelwich Wagon will be out and about seven days a week within the city limits. The best way to find us is to follow us on Twitter and Facebook @Falafelwich, or text falafel to 41411 for our daily schedule. What will differentiate Falafelwich from other local food trucks?

The Saint Louis food truck scene is in its infancy. We have had the opportunity to dine from most of the other trucks that operate in the city. They are all awesome!

The Falafelwich Wagon is built on producing a delicious product at a fair price price and serving it fast. Our goal is to have people say, "I had better service from a truck than I did from the restaurant last week."