Ferguson McDonald's Reopens Its Doors With a New Style

Sep 15, 2011 at 3:30 pm
Ferguson McDonald's Reopens! - Ashley Atkins
Ashley Atkins
Ferguson McDonald's Reopens!

All fast-food junkies in the vicinity of Ferguson may now join hands and rejoice. Break out in song, put your lighters up and pour one out for the homies, because the Ferguson McDonald's (9131 West Florissant Road, Ferguson; 314-524-4366) has reopened its doors and is ready for business. The restaurant was closed while it remodeled to fit the corporation's new contemporary design.

"We remodeled the lobby, [added a] double drive-through, new parking lot and a couple of items redone in the back area," says Ysa Santiago, second assistant at the Ferguson McDonald's.

The addition of the second lane is intended to speed up the transaction process, freeing customers from worry about not-so-fresh fries. The restaurant now also provides customers with access to two flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi service.

The new double drive-through! - Ashley Atkins
Ashley Atkins
The new double drive-through!

Santiago sees the remodel as "keeping up with the Joneses," noting all of the other businesses in the neighborhood that have gone through changes. "I love it. It brings a new look to the neighborhood, to the community," Santiago says. "We had the fire department come in today. They did the raising of the flag and cut the ribbon for us." Lutheran High School North also swung by the restaurant Wednesday and hosted a ceremony in the parking lot.

The Ferguson McDonald's is eager to please the community that gave them such a welcome. For every Happy Meal that its sells, Santiago says, it is donating 25 cents to the Ferguson Tornado Relief.

And if a brand-new McDonald's alone doesn't float your boat, here's something to make it worth the trip -- along with the reopening, the store is holding drawings and giving away coupons. Are you feeling lucky?