Fight Club Sandwich: Finally, the Battle of the Burgers

Jul 23, 2009 at 4:08 pm
Finally, after a couple of delays, we're ready for the first edition of Fight Club Sandwich, the Battle of the Burgers, with the contestants that you chose: O'Connell's Pub vs. Seamus McDaniel's. I've eaten both burgers -- not for the first time, mind you, though I hadn't visited either restaurant in a while -- considered many important factors and am ready to declare a champion. First, the contenders:

O'Connell's Pub

I ordered both burgers medium-rare, with cheese but without bacon or any other "special" toppings. As you can see in the photo above, the O'Connell's burger came with its slice of cheese coating the patty as smoothly and as tightly as a shower cap.

This burger presupposes -- or maybe demands -- a certain aesthetic: It comes with only a thick slice of raw onion, though you are free to add ketchup, mustard, etc. I skipped the condiments. I didn't use the onion, either, since it would negate a fair comparison with Seamus McDaniel's effort.

The burger weighs nine ounces, according to the menu, but thanks to its shape -- thicker in the middle than at the edges -- it looks a lot heavier. The charbroiling gives it a very strong "grilled" flavor and adds a lovely textural contrast to the juicy interior, though this particular burger ended up being a tad closer to medium than I like. Even so, the flavor was simple and pure and, at $5.75, a damn good value.

Bonus points for the toasted bun. Points deducted for the paper plate. A wash.

Its opponent, on the following page...