First Lady of United States of America Settles Pizza Rivalry: New York is Better Than Chicago

But what about St. Louis?

Pi: Not even in the running.
Pi: Not even in the running.

Many of us know by now that President Barack Obama dug the pizza from St. Louis' own Pi so much when he ate it here during his campaign, he invited Pi's staff to the White House to prepare it there.

So, while St. Louisans -- even those who prefer Imo's to Pi -- might have been feeling puffed up with local pizza pride, this news Wednesday was probably tough for them to swallow: While dining in a Brooklyn, New York pizzeria, first lady Michelle Obama declared that the New York pizza was better than what's served in Chicago. And all the while some probably thought St. Louis was the Dark Horse candidate to trump them all.

Said the waiter to a reporter who asked about her visit:

"They loved everything. I think they said it was better than Chicago pizza.

Naturally, New York media were all over this, then Chicago's newshounds had to follow up, which is why we all know the name of the waiter who overheard the declaration: Ralph Harajda. Someone at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn should give Harajda a raise.

Obama was joined her daughters Malia and Sasha, and her mother, Marian Robinson, and several guests at the restaurant for lunch.

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