FoodWire: Free Coffee at St. Louis Bread Co. 1.28

Jan 22, 2009 at 11:08 am
On Wednesday, January 28, St. Louis Bread Company (or Panera Bread, as its known to the rest of the pre-made panini-loving nation) is giving away cups of its coffee. Which is great because no one should have to pay for that swill!

Wait -- what? Bread Co. is offering new coffee?

Yes, it's true. Yet another company is following McDonald's lead and tweaking its coffee menu to pry business away from Starbucks. Bread Co. is delving deeply into the wide world of coffee by offering a "light" roast and a "dark" roast. The light roast is blended from South and Central American beans, the dark from Costa Rican beans.

Fans of Bread Co.'s coffee -- if you exist -- should know that the hazelnut and decaf blends won't be changing. So you've got that going for you.