FoodWire: New Restaurant with Familiar Name on Laclede's Landing

Sep 16, 2009 at 2:36 pm
Splashy ad in this week's dead-tree RFT for a new restaurant and bar at 800 North 3rd Street on Laclede's Landing: King Louie's Courtyard Bar & Pizzeria. Yeah, they went there, taking the name of the late, lamented restaurant at 3800 Chouteau Avenue.

At first, I was all, "Oh, no, they didn't!" But, upon reflection, I'm suprised it hadn't happened already. King Louie's is a pretty good name.

At any rate, the new King Louie's Courtyard Bar & Pizzeria advertises pizza by the slice till 2 a.m. and a live broadcast of the Rams postgame radio show, so I doubt anyone will confuse the two restaurants.

Also! For those who like to follow the bouncing ball of St. Louis restaurants, this address was previously home to the Nelly-Marshall Faulk-Larry Hughes-Darius Miles venture Skybox, which I reported only weeks ago had changed its name to the Levee.