Four Hands Brewing, Experts at Hand Stuff, Now Giving Away Hand Sanitizer

Mar 19, 2020 at 3:49 pm

St. Louis' own Four Hands Brewing Company, experts at all things hand-related on account of the fact they have at least twice as many of the appendages as your average Joe, has used its expertise to whip up a big batch of hand sanitizer to help combat the coronavirus.

As hand sanitizer shortages have swept the nation, in no small part due to greedy disaster capitalist assholes who bought up the supply in order to price gouge the needy in a crisis, companies such as Four Hands have been rallying to make the disease-killing goo more available to the public.

Best of all? They're just giving it away for free.

"We used our resources and followed the guidelines in order to create a hand sanitizer," the brewing company writes in a statement on social media. "We will be giving 1 2oz container to everyone. In lieu of payment we will ask for donations to fuel a fund for the STL hospitality industry."

According to the company, those in need of hand sanitizer can just walk into the brewery at 1220 South Eighth Street and pick up a bottle, no purchase necessary. Should you be in the mood to give, though, any money you hand over will be put into a fund to help St. Louis' hospitality industry.

The company has also launched a GoFundMe with a similar goal. It's one of many similar fundraisers that have cropped up around town ever since the containment measures being enacted to slow the spread of COVID-19 have decimated the food and bar industries, as well as live music venues and the livelihoods of working musicians.

"Our STL hospitality industry needs us. We are doing what we can to supply the city with 4 Hands For Hands Cleaner. We are asking for donations to help us support this industry that we all love," the company writes on the fundraiser's bio. "We plan on using these funds to support the people in this industry that are hurting the most. Thank you for your support STL."

If you'd like to give, that GoFundMe can be found here.

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