From Candy to Vibrators, the St. Louis Candyman Sells It All

The world now stans the Candyman's van shop after he went viral on Twitter this week

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The St. Louis Candyman holds a sign that reads "SNOW CONES" in front of a van.
Ryan Krull
The St. Louis Candyman on Grand Boulevard and Chouteau Avenue pictured for a 2017 Riverfront Times cover story.

Twitter said it best: “Ain’t no candy man like an STL candy man.”

On Monday, a Twitter account, @reallly1ray, posted a video of the STL Candyman — a man selling food, candy and more out of the back of his van on North Grand.

The Tweet blew up, receiving over 300,000 views.

That’s because this St. Louis candyman doesn’t just have candy. He has a van, a rolling CVS, stocked with everything you might need: hot wings, nachos, cookies … well, just let the Candyman rattle them off:

“Hot legs, nachos, meatball subs," he says in the video, "Cheeseburgers, cakes, cookies, chips, sodas, juice, new cigarettes, laundry bags, love advice, marriage counseling …. and of course, we have the morning-after pill and, ladies, for them lonely nights,” before holding up a vibrator as well.
People flooded the comments:
But the Candyman is not new to St. Louis — or the pages of the RFT. He has been serving St. Louis for years. The Candyman was featured in a 2017 cover story, where he is seen selling gummy bears, Snickers and sodas out of his truck to people in the story.

"You got to have your own concept," the Candyman told the RFT about his business. "Forget corporate America."

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