Google Is Bringing a Pop Up Donut Shop to St. Louis This November

Oct 6, 2017 at 11:28 am
Google Is Bringing a Pop Up Donut Shop to St. Louis This November
Photo courtesy of Flickr / Dave Crosby
Google is coming to St. Louis next month bearing two of America's favorite things: unnecessary yet fascinating new gadgets and donuts.

The tech behemoth is touring select cities in the U.S. this fall hosting pop-up donut shops in honor of the release of the Google Home Mini — a voice controlled, personal assistant device that the company describes as the "size of a donut, power of a superhero." The tour is making a stop in St. Louis on November 9, with a pop-up donut shop in Cortex Commons (4270 Duncan) from noon to 8 p.m.

Visitors to the temporary donut shop will get the chance to win either a Google Home Mini or two donuts. The event's Facebook invite says it's all free — and that even more surprises await inside.

The Google Home Mini sells for $49 and is powered by Google Assistant, which functions by voice command. It can help with various tasks around the house such as giving you reminders and directions, acting as a remote control or alarm clock, playing your music, dialing your phone calls and more. See more of the snazzy things a Google Home Mini can do in the promotional video below or purchase one here.

But hey, you might get one for free if you wait until November 9. For more about the donut shop tour and the ten other cities Google is visiting, click here.

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