Grape Tomatoes, Canned Seafood Get Nasty

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Grape Tomatoes, Canned Seafood Get Nasty
Gray's Harbor Public Market

Who doesn't love a good seafood salad with tangy little grape tomatoes?

The human gastrointestinal tract, that's who, especially if that salad's made with the canned seafood the FDA's just recalled.

Quinault Tribal Enterprise in Washington State has recalled all of their canned seafood products. During an inspection of the company's cannery, FDA officials discovered that the company wasn't adequately processing the seafood. Under-processed canned foods can contain harmful microorganisms.

Recalled products include all salmons, smoked and non-smoked; tuna, smoked and non-smoked; smoked sturgeon; minced razor clams; smoked razor clams; and smoked steelhead. They were sold nationwide under the Quinault Pride brand name. The FDA recommends not eating any Quinault Pride products, even if they don't show signs of spoilage. Cans can be returned to the store for refunds.

But you can buy a pre-made seafood salad and that'll be fine, right? Not necessarily. But it's not the seafood that's the trouble. It's the grape tomatoes.

This morning Taylor Farms Pacific, Inc. issued a recall for grape tomatoes that are possibly contaminated with salmonella. The tomatoes were used in pre-made salads sold in grocery store delis, primarily in the western states. Sam's Club and Walmart used the tomatoes in some of their salads, including Walmart's Marketside Seafood Salads, Chef Salad, Cobb Salad, Asian Chicken Salad, and Ranch Cobb Salad.

The tomatoes were grown by Six L's in Florida, who issued an earlier recall for Cherry Berry brand grape tomatoes that were sold in grocery stores and to restaurants around the country.

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