Great Location Introduces the Porknado to Wentzville

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The "Hog Heaven" pizza topped with pulled pork, bacon, Italian sausage and ham. | Kevin Guerra
The "Hog Heaven" pizza topped with pulled pork, bacon, Italian sausage and ham. | Kevin Guerra

Move over, Sharknado: Here comes the Porknado. No, it's not another terrible made-for-TV movie starring Tara Reid. It's the star offering at the new Great Location (799 Mall Parkway, Wentzville; 636-856-8500). There are five levels of Porknado, one for each level of tornado in the Midwest.

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The F1 is your basic Porknado: pulled pork in a kind of bread ice cream cone. The F2 adds sweet and sour coleslaw. "Now we're going to get daring and add baked beans," co-owner Kevin Guerra tells us of the F3. The F4 tops all that with Great Location's homemade mac & cheese. And the F5?

"We call that 'create your own disaster.' So you have all four, and then we let you choose between french fries, onion rings and deep fried jalapeños," Guerra says. "I've had people go as high a the F4, and they take a bite and all reservations are gone. It is a unique item."

The Porknado F5. | Kevin Guerra
The Porknado F5. | Kevin Guerra

Great Location has been open for delivery and carry out for about a week now, but full service dining should begin July 7. Guerra co-owns the restaurant with his brother and sister-and-law. The two grew up working in their parents' restaurant in Florissant in the '70s and '80s, and although they pursued different careers, Guerra says they were drawn back to the restaurant business.

Other standout menu items include deep-fried grilled cheese with tomato and bacon, the "Cram Your Cow," an option to stuff a burger with any side item (even broccoli), a pork tenderloin sandwich, the "Hog Heaven" pizza, topped with all of Great Location's pork products, and a "Chicken Salad Cyclone."

Great Location will celebrate a full grand opening weekend on July 11, complete with live music from the Mr. Wizard Band and Identity Crisis. Follow its Facebook page for ordering information and updates on the dining area.

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