Groupon Offers College Scholarships for "Grouspawn"

click to enlarge Blame Groupon.
Blame Groupon.
Some people love Groupon for the deals it offers at local restaurants and other businesses. Others love Groupon for the crazed copy that advertises those deals. I'm pretty confident that Groupon's latest endeavor falls into the latter category.

Via Eater comes word that Groupon has launched Grouspawn. Essentially, if your child is the offspring of a relationship the first date of which used a Groupon, you can apply for a Groupon-sponsored college scholarship.

How to prove that you used a Groupon on the first date? Well, the Grouspawn FAQ, in typical Groupon style, explains the proof you will need to submit (as well as the awkward matter of how to explain to your potential baby mama/papa why you would want to take a picture of them with the Groupon on a first date).

As if that weren't enough, Groupon has launched an online dating service, with pictures and profiles. Granted, some of the profile pictures are clearly a joke, and Grouspawn as a whole wouldn't pass the smell test -- except that the amount of legalese in the Grouspawn terms of service (including the fact that the scholarship is, in fact, a trust) suggests that this is for real.

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