Guess Where I'm Eating This Bacon Cheeseburger [Updated 4x with Clues and an Answer!]

All right, let's try this again. Yesterday's Guess Where took you no time at all, but I think I've found a tougher challenge for today. If nothing else, I finally replaced the battery in my digital camera, so no more crappy iPhone shots.

Guesses as comments. Clues if you don't figure it out quickly. Again.

Update: (Wednesday, 2.24, 3:00 p.m.) OK. No right answers yet. Clue #1: If you guessed the correct restaurant, I could then ask you to guess which location.

Update: (Wednesday, 2.24, 4:40 p.m.) Clue #2: If you had to guess which location of the correct restaurant, you'd have a 50-50 chance of being right.

Update: (Wednesday, 2.24, 7:15 p.m.) Clue #3: Three other items you can get at this restaurant are Belgian waffles, chicken quesadillas and Greek salad.

Update: (Thursday, 2.25, 8:20 a.m.) Congrats to none other than George Mahe of St. Louis Magazine, who correctly answered that I ate this bacon cheeseburger at Stratton's Café -- the newer Clayton location, not the original in Webster Groves.
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