Guess Where I'm Eating This Sandwich and Win a "Sexy-Time" Prize

May 11, 2010 at 1:24 pm
click to enlarge Sexy-time sandwich? Sexy-time book. - Ian Froeb
Ian Froeb
Sexy-time sandwich? Sexy-time book.
Yes, yes, it's been a while since the last edition, but I wanted to wait until I could award another prize, and [rummages around desk] I've found one!

Guess where I ate this sandwich and you'll win a paperback copy of Cook to Bang: The Lay Cook's Guide to Getting Laid by Spencer Walker.

Here's how the book describes itself:

Tired of dates that leave you with nothing but a $150 dinner tab, a doggy bag, and blue balls? Enter Cook to Bang, a guide to wining, dining, and sixty-nining for cooks who don't know their asparagus from their elbows. It offers a history of Cook to Bang seduction throughout the ages, tips for setting the bait, the best menu for each "sexual profile," methods for creating a sexy-time vibe, and a game plan for how to make your move. Born from the popular Web site, Cook to Bang is an everyman's guide to cooking your way into your date's bed.
Disclaimer: Giving away Cook to Bang in no way implies that Gut Check vouches for or approves of the opinions, recipes and, um, techniques described therein.

OK. Rules: To be eligible, you must leave a valid email address in the comment-entry field. A maximum of three guesses per email addresses. Employees of the restaurant in question and Riverfront Times not eligible.

And, yes, that I'm giving away sexy-time book might be your first clue.

Update: "The Railman" is correct! This is the barbecue beef hoagie from the Bleeding Deacon. The sexy-time clue was a somewhat oblique reference to the restaurant's location next to a sex shop.