Gut Check: A smorgasbord of delights awaits on Ian's blog

May 6, 2009 at 4:00 am

Gut Check, the RFT's food blog, has grown considerably since this column went on hiatus late last year. Not only does the blog offer all the St. Louis food and restaurant news that's fit to print, but it's now home to a virtual smorgasbord of weekly columns. Here's a taste of what's new:

The Noble Writ: Dave Nelson, author of the blog Beer, Wine & Whisky, writes about wine every Tuesday. Here's Nelson on why he dislikes numerical ratings: "There was definitely a thrill in this hunt...until I started drinking my point-laden prey. Turns out my palate doesn't have much in common with Robert Parker's. While we did smell similar things in the aromas of wine, the tastes and textures that sent Mr. Parker soaring to stratospheric heights of purple prose left me quite cold. I wondered whether wine was for me at all."

Java Enabled: Zach Dyer files a report on the local coffee scene every Wednesday. Recently he accepted a challenge to drink just one cup of coffee each day: "I could feel my brain wrestling with the calculus as I drove past a café on the way to work or saw a fresh pot in the office. Would this be the best time to have it? What if I got called away, and it ends up going cold in its paper cup, deep brown stains bleeding up the seams?"

The Sneak: Dara Strickland is the world's leading expert on sneaking food into the movies (and just about anywhere else). Here, she sneaks sandwiches into the racetrack: "The turnstiles at Fairmount Park have a certain sense of foreboding about them. There are large signs posted at exactly my eye level that insist you can't bring in food and drink. To enter the Park proper, you have to pay an attendant in a glass booth just before stepping through a narrow metal turnstile. I shrugged the straps of my sneaking tote from my shoulder to the crook of my fingers, dropping it below the scrutiny of that all-seeing booth."

And that's only half of our new columns. Next week, a sampling of the rest: our correspondent's colorful adventures in dive bars, reviews of the group-dining experience, recipes — and amazing photos — from the golden age of cookbooks. Or you can visit Gut Check right now to read all of 'em in their entirety.

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