Gut Check Celebrates the Cardinals' World Series Win the Only Way We Know How

Gut Check Celebrates the Cardinals' World Series Win the Only Way We Know How
Courtesy of Woody Bob's
Good morning, Cardinal Nation. How ya feelin'? Let us guess -- very hungover, pretty excited and, if you're like us, maybe a little sad.

See, after the initial screaming, high-fiving strangers, singing-along-to-Queen, honking-your-horn-the-whole-way-home celebration, reality sunk in: No more baseball till Spring training. Oh, and no more LaRussa.

But there are ways to satisfy that baseball craving in the meantime. Shop for some World Series Champs merch, add a new coat of paint to your "Jesus Was a Carpenter" sign and start tailgating early with -- what else? -- some squirrel.

After all, we're done with the Rally Squirrel (good job, little dude!) and food prices have sky-rocketed over the past couple of years. Why not kill two birds with one stone by feasting on that obnoxious critter that scratches at your window AC unit every time you try to sleep in?

Parmesan Squirrel

Bacon-wrapped squirrel legs: Proof that anything is edible (and maybe even tasty) if you wrap it in bacon.
Slow-cooked squirrel stew
: If you're feeling timid, this might be a good place to start.

Spanish style braised squirrel aurora: Squirrel-meat ain't just for campfire grillin' anymore.

Squirrel enchiladas

"Some Weirdo's Fried Squirrel": What could be more appropriate for tailgating than some beer-soaked squirrel?

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