Gut Check's Week in Tweets

Don't you know? Gut Check has a Twitter account. You can follow me @gutcheckstl. Here is some of what you missed this week:
Restaurant playing "Who's Johnny?" from Short Circuit when I walked in today. Win.
1:07 PM Aug 18th
When I left aforementioned restaurant, the theme from Fame was playing. (remember remember remember)
1:10 PM Aug 18th
You know you've made it in #stl when someone creates a thread on the STL Today forums to bash you.
4:15 PM Aug 18th
what's really funny is that this STL Today thread also bashes Jill Posey-Smith, who was nomianted for James Beard Award for her RFT work.
5:01 PM Aug 18th
er, nominated.
5:02 PM Aug 18th
At moonrise rooftop terrace, looking down on my readers.
5:39 PM Aug 18th
eff the haters, i'm eatin' pie. good night, st. louis!
10:26 PM Aug 18th

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