Happy Canada Day!

Jul 1, 2008 at 1:29 pm

Today is Canada Day, which is when Canadians celebrate the Fourth of July.

(Sorry about that. I'm pretty sure Dave Barry made the same joke, like, fifteen years ago. It wasn't funny then, either.)

At any rate, to honor our neighbors to the north, I decided to feast on some Canadian cuisine. As soon as I figured out what, exactly, Canadian cuisine is.

Thanks to this helpful Wikipedia entry, I learned that the cuisine of Canada "includes a lot of baked foods, wild game, and gathered foods."


Today many Canadians will identify foods as being uniquely "Canadian" largely on the basis of such items being uncommon in the United States. Foods enjoyed in both countries, such as fast food and popular restaurant cuisine, will often be described as simply "North American" dining.


Armed with this knowledge, I went out and shot a caribou.

Actually, I went to Global Foods Market in Kirkwood to search for a few of those unique Canadian items. Now Global Foods Market is a big store. Many cuisines represented. Many different flags hanging from the ceiling. But no Canadian flags. And no Canadian items -- at least none that were conveniently grouped together with other uniquely Canadian items. I didn't even see Labatt's in the beer aisle.

So I decided to compromise. Below, a picture of the feast with which I celebrated Canada Day:

Blame NAFTA.

- Ian Froeb