Harvest's Strip Steak with a Root Beer Reduction and Bacon-Braised Mustard Greens: What to Eat This Weekend and Where to Eat It

Apr 12, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Gut Check tells you what's new and tasty at our favorite restaurants.

So this "What to Eat This Weekend and Where to Eat It" feature is still squeaky brand new, and we're learning that sometimes when you call a great local chef without warning and ask what he or she is most excited about this weekend, the chef sometimes draws a blank, and we feel like total schmucks -- more so than usual, we mean -- for putting the chef on the spot.

Such was the case when we called Nick Miller of Harvest (1059 South Big Bend Boulevard, Richmond Heights; 314-645-3522) this afternoon.

To Miller's credit, he didn't hang up on us but laughed and offered a pretty good explanation for why he might have trouble keeping track of daily specials: "We do such small amounts from local farmers that you get one pig, there's enough for one evening special and then it goes, and then tomorrow you start over."

By this point, Miller had recovered from our sneak attack and noted a couple of specials the acclaimed Richmond Heights restaurant is running this evening.

"Tonight we're doing a little bit of Americana," he told us. "That's a strip steak with a root-beer reduction, beer-battered onion rings, white-cheddar mac & cheese. Oh, and bacon-braised mustard greens."

Yes, please, on the bacon-braised mustard greens.

"And then we're also dong pan-roasted bronzini with cipollini onions, French horn mushrooms, dinosaur kale, black walnut brown butter and tomato-oregano jam."

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