"Ice Cream!" You Scream

Jun 22, 2007 at 5:59 pm

source: concise.britannica.com

click to enlarge 31 flavors is just a start
31 flavors is just a start

31 flavors is just a start

Regular readers of my restaurant reviews know that I often refer to my fiancée. Well, her bridal shower was this past weekend, and one gift she received was an ice-cream maker. Her response: "I'm going to eat the hell out of some ice cream." Which means that I have to make some damn good ice cream for her to eat.

Now, I've cooked and baked all sorts of things, but ice cream is new to me. Any tips? I figure I'll start with something straightforward (strawberry?), but I tend to become overly ambitious. What unusual flavors have you tried? (I still think about the basil ice cream I had at Erato earlier this month.)

Or maybe I'll just walk down the street from my office to Ben & Jerry's.

Whatever you do this weekend, eat something good!

-Ian Froeb