In Defense of the Puking Baby's Parents

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My rant against the parents who didn't finish cleaning up their baby's vomit certainly prompted some strong reactions, mostly in defense of the parents.

Here are some of the best comments, all [sic]:

wow someones having a bad day, or are you just an insensitive jack. Surely you've never done anything that caused other people grief and or time because you were so consumed with your own world filled with actual responsibilities like raising a f-n human being! She's nurturing life and your eating a sandwich. Guess what? That and many other inconviniences we'd wrather not experience tend to happen in this funny thing called life.
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An anonymous "Guest":
Ian, I usually enjoy your blog posts, but this one left a bad taste in my mouth.  (And not from what you're thinking.)  As someone already pointed out, the parents probably didn't notice the puke on the floor, since (a) if they have a baby of puking age they're probably also too sleep-deprived to be alert, and (b) they were busy trying to get the baby out of there as quickly as possible because the earth was not available to swallow them up.  (I have been that parent -- OK, not with the puke, but definitely with the baby and the humiliation because the baby will not be a perfect little diner.  And I have brought my kids up to love all kinds of food and tip generously, so I call it a net gain for society.)
"Your Mom's Mom":
Open letter to Ian: This is not blogspot.
I did have a few supporters:
Whether fine-dining or McDonald's, when you have a child, messes will be made. It is your duty (pun intended) as a parent to make sure that if there is a mess, beyond normal reason, all of it is cleaned before you dash. The wait staff, busser, host, maitre de, patrons, what-have-you, "Ain't yo baby's momma (or poppa, for you PC nuts out there)." This type of thing happens all the time and I don't think any of us want to be around when the service industry revolts (Jet Blue style) and starts crapping in our living rooms.

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