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click to enlarge "The best tamales? Why, it's elementary, dear Watson." - Image via
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"The best tamales? Why, it's elementary, dear Watson."
Desperate to know where you can find the best tamales in St. Louis? A recent transplant from another city who's hankering for a taste of home? Not sure what to do with all that stuff served alongside your bowl of pho?

I'm here to help. Email me your question, with Ask the Critic as the subject line, and I'll answer it for you -- and everyone else -- here on Gut Check. And if I don't have an answer, I'll put on my deerstalker cap and do my best Sherlock Holmes impersonation until I do.

One request: Please be patient. I'll try to answer all of the questions I receive -- in this column, ideally -- but I can't promise that I'll be able to answer your specific question immediately. I promise I'm not ignoring you. Thanks!
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