Introducing IHOP At Home: Because 24-Hour IHOPs Simply Aren't Convenient Enough

The next time you're wandering through the frozen-food section at your nearest Walmart, keep an eye open for a newcomer to the already-crammed breakfast section. Tucked in next to the Pillsbury Toaster Strudel and the Hot Pockets, IHOP will be stocking its new IHOP At Home line of breakfast fare.

America's favorite pancake house is now serving breakfast 24/7...from your freezer. Of course, it should be mentioned that foodies won't find IHOP hotcakes packaged and ready for the microwave. (Aunt Jemima seems to have cornered that market.) Instead, IHOP is bringing its higher-end breakfast items to Walmarts across the country.

Skip the freezer aisle and go straight to the source for the real deal -- IHOP's stuffed French toast. - ETTIE BERNEKING
Ettie Berneking
Skip the freezer aisle and go straight to the source for the real deal -- IHOP's stuffed French toast.

Microwave-ready cuisine, such as IHOP Omelet Crispers, Griddle n' Sausage Wraps and French Toast Stuffed Pastries, will be the first on the shelves at some 3,000 Walmart stores -- because even IHOP knows that people are tired of eating the same old breakfast cereal each day.

But unfortunately, after doing some sampling of our own, we decided to return to Hot Pockets. The goopy filling inside the IHOP Omelet Crisper hardly passed for actual egg filling. And the stuffed French toast is all bread and little stuffing. If you do manage to haul your lazy butt to an IHOP restaurant, however, it's hard to go wrong with the in-house stuffed French toast. Topped with strawberries and overflowing with rich cinnamon cream filling, this stuff is delicious -- just not when it's been flash-frozen and microwaved.

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