Israeli Doctor Publishes the Country's First Pork Cookbook

Sep 30, 2010 at 7:00 am

An Israeli pork cookbook? The New York Times says it's a real thing. Despite over 50 years of laws banning the sale and farming of pork in Israel, enough legal loopholes exist to get pork to the non-kosher residents of the country. Dr. Eli Landau has published "The White Cookbook", which is thought to be the first pork cookbook published in the country.

After getting some heat from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Ben & Jerry's will be removing the words "all natural" from some of their ice cream labels. NPR asks, if the leader in mainstream natural foods can't use the "natural" label anymore, then who can?

Call it a sign of the recession or a trend in slumming. The Wall Street Journal reports that extremely wealthy people are eating more fast food. A report from American Express shows that their "ultra-affluent" customers increased their fast food consumption by 24% in the second quarter, while only increasing fine dining charges by 12%.

Some of the grease used to cook those fancy fries might be targeted by thieves. According to USA Today, in areas where recycled cooking oil is sold for biofuels, there's been an increase in "freelance" recyclers stealing thousands of gallons of used cooking grease. U.S. restaurants used around three billion pounds of cooking grease annually. It's resold to make livestock feed and biofuels.