It's the Ground-Bacon Burger! Or, This Heat Has Sapped The Last of Gut Check's Joy

Jul 6, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Going viral and then some today -- so far Gut Check has seen links from Gawker, Eater, BuzzFeed and Huffington Post: a hat tip to you all! -- is the "'merica Burger" from a California burger joint called Slater's 50/50.

The "'merica Burger" is a patty made from 100 percent ground bacon that is then topped with bacon, bacon-cheddar cheese, "bacon island" dressing -- we have no clue, either -- and, because why the hell not, a sunny-side-up egg.

Our first Pavlovian reaction was, "Yum! Gimme!"

Our second reaction was that the can-you-top-this bacon-engineering stunts jumped the shark a while ago, and to tell Slater's 50/50 that 2007 called and wants its meme back. But after a moment of introspection, we realized we've given too much coverage to previous can-you-top-this bacon-engineering stunts to criticize anyone now without being called a hypocrite.

So we went back to "Yum! Gimme!" as our official reaction -- except that the more we thought about it, the less and less appetizing this seemed. Not because it's too much bacon but because it's 108 degrees outside, and no matter how hard we run our A.C., it's still 85 degrees in our house AT NIGHT, and all we want to consume is sushi and sorbet, and the thought of all that meat (and the egg) and all this heat just makes our stomach go blergh.

So congratulations, Inferno of '12, you've killed our love of bacon. That just might be your legacy.