Jamie Oliver's Not-So-Local Scottish Sauce Controversy

Some folks in Scotland aren't thrilled with Jaime Oliver. The Scotland Herald reports that the U.K.'s ever-present reminder to eat local food might not be staying true to his word in one of his restaurants. Jamie's Italian in Glasgow is using pasta sauce factory-made 400 miles away. Chefs at Oliver's only restaurant in Scotland reheat the sauce, which is made by the chef's catering company in Oxfordshire. A spokesperson for Oliver claims the centrally-made sauce is necessary for the restaurant chain's consistency. Some customers aren't thrilled. "Tourist Venceslas Seidel, 30, visiting the city from his home in Lille, France, said it was a shock. 'When you are paying a certain price for things, you are looking for quality. I don't think it's out of the ordinary now though, as a lot of French restaurants are doing this now particularly in the tourist areas.'"

Papa John's is giving away free Superbowl-related pizza! Yay! But wait ... Eater.com warns us to not get excited just yet. To qualify, you have to join their customer loyalty program. And then the big game has to go into overtime. Which has never happened in the Superbowl. So that free pizza's probably not going to happen.

Advertising Age and Ipsos Observer did a study on what people would rather forfeit: cable television, cell phone, or the Internet. Eight percent would rather give up food than any available media. In other news, eight percent of people do not understand that they require food to live.

You can't eat your iPhone, and sometimes, you should avoid the hot sauce, too. According to our sister paper, the Dallas Observer, the owner of Chili Pepper Magazine left the ZestFest on a stretcher after taste-testing a wickedly strong hot sauce containing capsaicin extract. You'd think the owner of a chili pepper-based periodical would know to not drink water to cool the heat, but that wasn't the case. Meanwhile, as seasoned judges sampled what one judge described as "a nightmare in a bottle", all hell broke loose with judges rushing for the cool-down station loaded with cheese, milk, whipped cream, and sugar packets.

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