Jennifer Garner Loves Imo's

Jennifer Garner when she found out Jimmy Kimmel dissed Imo's. | Screenshot
Jennifer Garner when she found out Jimmy Kimmel dissed Imo's. | Screenshot

St. Louis is getting a lot of celeb love lately. First, our hometown favorite Jon Hamm defended Imo's Pizza on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and even did a taste test. Jimmy Fallon stopped by Crown Candy Kitchen during his comedy tour, and we thought perhaps he could be the late-night foil to Kimmel's Imo's bashing. But wait! Another celebrity contender has entered the ring.

KTVI's (Channel 2) Kevin Steincross was interviewing Jennifer Garner about her new movie Dallas Buyers Club in LA when he brought up Kimmel's distate for our local dish. Garner, to our surprise, had a very visceral reaction.

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"Jimmy! How could you have a problem with Imo's?" Garner says. "That's so weird!"

It is weird, Jen!

"It's something about the cheese," Garner says about her own taste for the famous Provel. (She also loves Ted Drewes.)

Steincross says Garner promised to stand up for the square beyond compare the next time she's on Kimmel's show.

Although Hamm's reason to love Imo's is more obvious, Garner is apparently familiar with it because her first husband (yes, there was a time before, when Ben Affleck was dating another Jennifer) Scott Foley is from St. Louis and went to Clayton High School.

For the life of Gut Check, we cannot get FOX 2's video to upload, but Garner's reaction is awfully charming and you can watch it here.

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