Just How Many Antibiotics Are Given to Livestock, Anyway?

29 million pounds of antibiotics. That how much the Atlantic says was given to animals intended for food last year. This is the first time the Food and Drug Administration has tracked antibiotic use in commercial livestock.

A hacking we will go! National Restaurant News reports that McDonalds had a data security breach late last Friday. The hacked databases included customer information from the company's emailed newsletters and promotions, and demographic information. The company says that the hack didn't involve any financial or customer credit card information.

It's a Festivus miracle! A California inmate claimed he required a Kosher meal because he celebrates Festivus, a holiday made up on the sitcom "Seinfeld", says the Los Angeles Times. Festivus celebrants don't keep kosher; the holiday's more about feats of strength, airing of grievances, and an aluminum pole. The inmate did have a grievance, though - he wasn't impressed with the jail's salami-filled diet. He claimed his religious belief of "Festivism" prohibited him from eating salami. A judge signed off on the order to alter his meals, not realizing that Festivus is fake.

This Christmas - or Festivus - don't give the gift of botulism. MSNBC issued an alarming piece on how homemade holiday gifts can sicken their recipients. A whopping 18 people got botulism in 2008, and one even died! Their advice? Learn how canning works before you actually do it. Also? Don't include little extras in your food gifts, like cat hair or old Band-Aids.

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