Kaldi's and Mississippi Mud House Give Breakfast to Bikers

Apr 4, 2014 at 9:00 am
A scone and financiers at Mississippi Mud House. | Jennifer Silverberg
A scone and financiers at Mississippi Mud House. | Jennifer Silverberg

In this seemingly endless winter, biking to school or work hasn't been an option -- unless you're super hardcore. Spring weather means we can all get outside, and Trailnet is encouraging cycling as transportation with its Breakfast for Bikers program, which kicks off April 18.

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"Biking for transportation can be filled with a lot of questions, so it's a good way for people to meet each other," says Trailnet's TravelGreen coordinator Molly Pearson. "It's also a good way for people to learn about Trailnet and the programs we have in place."

Once a month from April through October, Trailnet is teaming up with Kaldi's Coffee on Demun (700 DeMun Avenue, Clayton; 314-727-9955) and Mississippi Mud House (1223 Pine Street; 314-724-6188) downtown to provide breakfast for cyclists commuting to work. Trailnet has been hosting the program for four years now, but it's the first year Kaldi's and Mississippi Mud themselves are actually sponsoring the event and providing the coffee and scones for free.

"This year we're really excited that Kaldi's is actually sponsoring the location as a way to support the cycling community in St. Louis," Pearson says. "That's a natural fit for them, because they have a Bike MS team, so they're invested in promoting cycling in St. Louis."

Trailnet was founded in 1988 to promote walking and biking as transportation, especially along St. Louis' Riverfront Trail. It offers weekly group rides, biking classes, educational programs and events like the public art tour on April 12.

Breakfast for Bikers is also sponsored by Washington University. Pearson says the two locations are ideal; Kaldi's is close to Wash. U., which also has some major car-free initiatives. The new Mississippi Mud downtown is a stone's throw from City Hall, which Pearson says gives the program more visibility.

"They are major, major supporters of Trailnet," she says. "They also work with us on other events, so it's just an example of two businesses stepping up and showing that this is important for St. Louis."

On April 18, May 16 (National Bike to Work Day), June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19 and October 17, cyclists can get free coffee and breakfast (scones, etc.) from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. at Kaldi's on Demun and Mississippi Mud downtown. On National Bike to Work Day, Pearson says there will be several other stations throughout the St. Louis metro area; each station is sponsored by Companion Bakehouse.

"Biking for transportation, especially to work, is just a way to incorporate something that's really important for our everyday health into your daily routine. Also it's just fun -- I think a lot of people can forget that feeling they experience when they first learn how to ride a bike," Pearson says. "This event is a way to celebrate that and connect people who are interested."

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