Kirkwood: A Culinary Tour of a Commuter Town Tranformed Into a Dining Destination

Jun 25, 2013 at 7:52 am

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St. Louis' neighborhoods are gems in their own right: full of history, great people and, as far as Gut Check is concerned, fantastic food. Each week we'll take you into a specific neighborhood and point you in the direction of the best places to grab some bites.

Kirkwood boasts of being the first planned suburb west of the Mississippi River, and the town (established in 1853) takes its name from the man who made it all possible. James Pugh Kirkwood was a railroad worker whose surveying and engineering feats allowed residents to commute to downtown St. Louis from the leafy expanses outside of the city. Today Kirkwood's historic train station remains a local landmark, and the town's robust restaurant and bar scene has St. Louisans of all stripes commuting to Kirkwood for great food, drinks and entertainment. So, hop on board as we preview a few of the best destinations Kirkwood has to offer.

        Welcome to One 19 North | Jennifer Silverberg
        Welcome to One 19 North | Jennifer Silverberg

One 19 North (119 N. Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood; 314-821-4119) The name of the game here is small plates and wine. Tapas run the gamut from bona fide Iberian cuisine (fried Manchego cheese) to improvisational offerings such as fried chili-rubbed chicken wings and smoked Gouda grits. While not the most expansive wine list, One 19 North's selection stresses quality over quantity. And the restaurant's rustic interior provides a tranquil atmosphere where diners can easily sit back, relax, sip wine and completely gorge themselves on delicious tapas. See also: - The Nine Best Tapas/Small Plates Restaurants in St. Louis

Kirkwood Station Brewing Company (105 East Jefferson, Kirkwood; 314-966-2739) The little brewery that could, Kirkwood Station brews up a pretty tasty Blackberry Wheat, a low ABV beer that's light and crisp, perfect for summer nights. For the hop heads among us, the Double Engine IPA has a nice bite and packs a punch. The menu features a huge list of appetizers, pizzas and burgers, like the Cattle Car (a full pound of Black Angus, which should fill you up). There's a long list of sandwiches and wraps plus entrees. Live music and ladies night every Thursday make for a lively atmosphere...the beer helps, too.

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